stareatsea According to the research the majority of the time our minds are on a kind of automatic pilot; we perform our everyday tasks without much attention at all.  In this state we are less able to function effectively, our ability to study is impaired and we never reach our full potential.

We are usually preoccupied with constant mental chatter – thoughts that are judgmental, full of self-criticism and worry as the mind wanders aimlessly from one thought to another.

Unless we are actively engaged in the present focusing on the task at hand, we just click off into this default mode.  Too much time spent in this way can put us at risk from anxiety, depression and stress.

Trying to multitask in order to get more done in less time also leads to disrupted attention.  Research shows that being constantly inundated with distractions; mobile phones, texts, emails, etc., leads to impaired critical thinking.  The brain is actually not capable of processing two complex stimuli at once as it processes information in serial (one thing after another) and so focusing on one thing at a time is the natural way our brain works.

Research shows when we focus on one thing at a time, we actually become less stressed and more productive.

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